Workout Secrets Of Zoe Saldana Revealed By Her Personal Trainer!

April 19, 2014


In the world of “Star Trek,” set two centuries in the future, it’s undoubtedly possible for Lieutenant Nyota Uhura to blast off fat with a laser or bulk up muscle mass with a handy gadget. In the world of here and now, however, it takes a bit more dedication for Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura in the new “Star Trek” saga, to get a toned, lean frame.

What’s her secret? Recently, her personal trainer revealed all the details of her diet and workout routine so that any Trekkie who wants to lose their spare tire can follow suit.

Boredom factor

Like many other Americans who struggle to maintain focus while they achieve their health goals, Zoe mentions that she loses focus easily if someone’s not around to push her.

Although she enjoys coming up with new diet ideas in order to trim down calories, her personal trainer notes that without professional help, she’d probably workout rarely, or not at all, mentioning that she’d just go for a short walk instead of getting her heart rate up to the maximum.

Luckily, she has the star power (and bank account) to justify hiring a trainer to tend to her fitness needs.

Rules of the game


Any good workout plan needs ground rules and dedication to stick to them.

This is one of Zoe’s biggest motivational factors: by determining what will and will not fly for her health, she manages to make sure that she’s willing to take the next steps each day.

Her biggest rule? No crash dieting, no food deprivation. She mentions that she loves high-starch food like pasta, but will always work off the calories whenever she splurges on ravioli.

She notes that she loves the “Food Network” and always tries to make exotic meals from faraway places instead of going for junk food.

Dancing the night away

The biggest part of her workout is the part she enjoys the most – athletic dancing. Zoe notes that she’s been dancing for a better part of ten years and always comes back to it in order to keep her fitness level up and her metabolism going strong. She recommends dancing to any man or woman out there thinking about the best way to get in better shape.

She thinks that her efforts to get out on the dance floor, whether at the gym or in a club, help keep her young as she reaches the 30-year mark and keeps a stunning figure.

Manly woman

Though Zoe noted that she loves Pilates, she says that she needs to take courses and instructions from a man, noting that only masculine Pilates will put her fitness over the edge.

Regardless of who is leading her fitness, she has a fairly demanding routine at each workout. She begins with wall squats, using the resistance of her own body to increase lower body strength.

With squats done, she moves on to plank pushups, where she lies level to the ground on her forearms using the muscles of her stomach to keep her up, then to push-ups and back again.

Next are lunges that stretch the legs forward and put weight upon the hamstrings. She finishes off the routine with ball hams, pulling an exercise ball towards her body using nothing but her heels and the force of her stomach and legs.