Weird Outfits At The Met Gala 2014

May 7, 2014


Every year one event gathers multitudes of Hollywood stars to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York – and that event is the Costume Institute gala. The goal of the evening is fund-raising, and every year there’s a different dress code.

Last year it was punk, so the glamour couldn’t be at a formidable level. This time the focus was on flowing dresses for women and white ties for men. Every now and then, from the intention to be extravagant, some celebrities tend to miss the point and sometimes turn out looking silly or funny.

This year one of these celebrities was Kirsten Dunst. Nothing seemed too special about her gown – conventional cut, not too wide or too tight. But there it was – an imprint of the Star Wars’ planetary destroyer Death Star on a Rodarte dress.

At least everyone could see Kirsten. If it weren’t for her pale skin, nobody would even notice that actress Anne Hathaway had arrived! Her red bustier and skirt by Calvin Klein gave her the power of a chameleon on the red carpet.

And here come the “Amish sisters”. Oh wait, it’s just Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, coming off as maybe a bit too conservative looking. This year’s theme was old-style glamour, not 17th century old.

Some said it was a Disney princess dress, others thought it was the Sun. When the actress Katie Holmes appeared in a dress that was perhaps too yellow, all the attention was directed at her.

Last but definitely not least is Lupita Nyong’o, who came as a surprise because she “lost her perfect score” that night. Every previous time she appeared on an event, even on the night she had won an Oscar, she was dressed rather exquisite, some might even say perfectly.

But this time the game has changed. Dressed in a Prada flapper dress with fringe, beading and a whole lot of green feathers, the Hollywood star made her first fashion misstep.