Top 10 “Beauty And The Beast” Celebrity Couples

cuoco and galecki

2. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

Cuoco and Galecki play the roles of Penny and Leonard on the hit television sitcom, “Big Bang Theory.” While they make a cute couple on the show, the idea of a real-life relationship is a bit far-fetched.

Fortunately, fans didn’t have a chance to weigh in as the former couple kept their on-again, off-again relationship a secret.

Cuoco revealed details of the secret relationship first, and Galecki shared some details – three years later.

What took the actor so long to talk out? Galecki told CBS Watch that he didn’t like talking about the relationship for fear it would affect people’s acceptance of the characters, Penny and Leonard.

The 38-year old actor was not ashamed to take front row seat at his costar’s wedding to tennis superstar Ryan Sweeting. Like Cuoco, Galecki admits that they had an amicable split because they both realized that they weren’t destined to be together. They remain good friends as Galecki moved on to form another beauty and the beast pairing with Kelli Garner.

It’s hard to tell whether the secret relationship contributed to the hot on-screen chemistry, but fans are happy that Penny and Leonard are still going strong. As for the new Mrs. Sweeting, she kept her word when she said, “no more actors.”

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