Top 10 “Beauty And The Beast” Celebrity Couples

zeta and douglas

Do you ever get that “How can she go out with him” moment when looking at celebrity couples? Some celebrity pairings are a match made in Hollywood heaven, but others are hard to fathom.

Beauty and the beast couples are those where the man is noticeably less attractive, but sometimes, it could be the other way around. Here’s a look at the top ten unlikely celebrity pairings.

1. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

The unlikely couple made headlines when they exchanged vows back in 2000. There’s no denying Douglas’ chiseled good looks, but they pale in comparison to Zeta Jones’ stunning beauty.

The 25-year age difference naturally raised a lot of questions about the feasibility of that union.

Marriage can be difficult under the best circumstances. But this couple seemed determined to overlook the obstacles and make their marriage work.

Fourteen years and two children later, Jones and Douglas have had their fair share of hurdles and hardship. Nobody would have expected Jones to stick around as long as she did.

The Fatal Attraction actor shocked the world when he confirmed his stage IV throat cancer diagnosis and later changed his story to tongue cancer.

His Welsh wife had to fight her own demons as she battled Bipolar II Disorder. Soon after, the couple had to cope with the heartache of drug addiction as Michael’s only son now sits in jail for selling drugs in 2010.

Michael and Catherine may not be a picture perfect couple, but they’re clearly fighters. They separated at one point but made their way back to one another. The setbacks and age gap didn’t affect their deep love and mutual affection for one another, and that’s something to celebrate.

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