Toned Down Miley Claims Two World Music Awards

May 28, 2014

The 2014 World Music Awards

Miley Cyrus had a blast in Monaco at the World Music Awards Tuesday night ceremony. First she performed her hit single “Wrecking Ball” and then went on to pick up two awards – the Best Female Act and Best Pop Video.

Interestingly, the Best Female Act award was handed to her by Kellan Lutz, with whom she has a certain history, even though Lutz denied any romantic involvement with the singer in January this year. He also recently said that he is “happy to be friends with her.”

The event was more than one hour late, as Mariah Carey, with all the trappings of a true diva, really took her time to do the opening and perform her new song “Meteorite”. Miley did not want to miss this golden opportunity and so made a somewhat run-of-the-mill joke by remarking: “Thank God, I thought this party was never going to get started.”

Before all that though, when Miley stepped onto the stage to perform “Wrecking Ball”, there were probably more than a few people out there who were genuinly taken aback by her general appearance and choice of apparel.

The 2014 World Music Awards

Miley is only too well-know for her shocking outfits (almost as much as for her shocking behavior), but this time she came out in a long gown with soothing colors and blossomy patterns – and an on-stage sofa to match.

It was almost enought to bring the image of Disney Miley back to the fore. Why the radical change – no can tell for sure. But it is worth noting that the image of Miley Cyrus is all about change, as she showed to us time and again.

As usual, Miley was active on Instagram, too, and she posted several photos of her WMA self (all followed by appropriate Miley-like hashtags).

The photos featured Miley changed into just a sligthly more hip, neck-to-toe, shiny and silvery gown. She took pictures with her younger brother, Braison (19) who had to fill in the role of Miley’s “date” for the night, as she explained. The young singer receieved a total of 14 nominations at the event and seemed more than happy to win a pair.