Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren getting back together – Find out

February 11, 2014

The Woods-Nordegren divorce and the unfortunate series of infidelities that prompted it seemed to suggest that coupledom for this pair was in a permanent sand trap.

With the media coverage reporting on their split and even the financial arrangements of their divorce, it seemed as though it was an inevitable finality.

Yet there are now reports that suggest the door may not have been slammed for good. The fact is that these two estranged former spouses appear to be rekindling their romance.

It’s been four years since Woods and Nordegren divorced. The couple has two children. Woods married the beautiful blonde model in 2004.

The divorce was prompted when a series of women came forward to allege their affairs with the married golf star.

Woods publically acknowledged his irresponsible behavior and the road to divorce was paved. Yet the reality for divorced partners with children is that going your separate ways isn’t completely cut and dry. It is very likely that seeing one’s ex on a regular basis to pick up and drop off the kids can lead to one of two things: a reduced or improved relationship.

It seems that being apart may have done this couple well. Reports have suggested that the pair have been tentatively moving closer since the divorce. Walking around the neighborhood and, surely, sharing parental responsibilities.

The reports have been sketchy about a rekindling of romance between Woods and Nordegren since spring of 2013, but they are taking a more definite shape these days. The pair has been seen kissing which suggests that, at least, some of the bitterness has been discarded owing to, perhaps, some genuine reform.

More in-depth reports have revealed that the children are involved with this reconciliation. Like many children of divorce, they’re hoping their dad will move back home.


He certainly hasn’t moved back in with Nordegren and the kids yet, but she has stayed the night at his place if the gossip papers can be believed. Still other reports regarding their reunion suggest that that two are taking it very slow.

It’s been hard road for the golf pro since the divorce. He hasn’t given up on winning his ex-wife back. Initially Nordegren relied on nannies and other staff to help chauffer the children between their parent’s homes.

At some point, she relented enough to speak with him. Whatever one may think of Woods’s actions regarding infidelity, he has shown dedication in his fight to win her back.

There were some reports that Woods even offered Nordegren a $200 million dollar proposal if she would again have him. Subsequent reports asserted that Nordegren did not say no, but countered his offer with a prenup proposal – a $350 prenup no-cheating agreement.

No word about the ins and outs of a possible deal but these two seem to be in negotiations nonetheless. Whether they will remarry or not remains to be seen, but they are certainly on the road to mending their broken hearts.