The Worst Dressed Celebs in 2013

January 27, 2014

1. Miley Cyrus


Miss Cyrus made one bad wardrobe choice after another. From barely there shorts to crop tops to a series of poorly tailored cat suits, it was incredibly difficult to take Miley seriously this year.

It is obvious that, like many stars who first took to the cameras at a young age, she was trying to take a step back from her good girl Disney image, but is it entirely necessary to show off every bit of skin you can manage in the process? Though Miley started off the year innocently enough, she quickly fell off the wagon with her minimal outfits and her outrageous live performances.

2. Justin Bieber


More and more people are becoming truly fed up with the pop star’s antics. Bieber’s behavior might not be the worst thing about this star, though — his wardrobe is no better. With saggy harem pants, long leather tank tops, gas masks and often no shirt at all, Justin has become the quintessential definition of all things passé and annoying.

His wardrobe was never much to talk about, but he has certainly taken things into his own hands. Unfortunately for Bieber, the result has been a truly horrendous array of clothes and ridiculous color combinations that would make even Miley Cyrus gag.

3. Kim Kardashian


Everyone knows that it is next to impossible to look great while incredibly pregnant, especially with the paparazzi on your back. Not satisfied with mediocrity in any respect, though, Kim K took the “ugly pregnant girl” look to a whole new level. The new mother raised eyebrows with an array of too-tight “maternity” clothes, awkward prints and questionable Instagram and Twitter pics last year.

Kim can’t blame anyone else for her spot on the worst-dressed list, though — her fashion choices were all her own. She does most of her own styling — that is, when she doesn’t allow her fiancé Kanye West to choose clothes for her.

4. Kesha


This pop star has recently admitted that she is entering rehab for her eating disorder  – we certainly applaud her decision to get help. Unfortunately, we suspect that rehab will do nothing to change her awkward styling choices. We noted that 2013, in particular, was not kind to her wardrobe.

She spent most of her year wearing clothes that were tacky, cheap-looking and all-around weird. Though she attempted high fashion on more than one occasion, she did not actually achieve the high fashion look. Someone should take the reins from this singer and corral her poor fashion choices – or, at least, direct her to a full-length mirror before she steps out into the public eye.

5. Kanye West


This list would not be complete without at least one mention of this rapper. His clothing choices for himself were as questionable as his choice for his new fiancé  – Kim Kardashian. The rapper spent most of his year wearing large graphic tees, tacky furs and leather pants that were far too revealing.

He seems to be caught up in everything that is wrong and boring about the rap music world – it’s almost as if he took the worst parts of every other rapper’s wardrobe and wove them into one hideous mess. Though the rapper has enough money to hire a stylist, it seems he blew all his cash on Kim’s engagement ring, leaving nothing for the style department.