That’s How You Do It – Taylor Swift Stuns at 2014 Grammys

February 4, 2014


As a staple of the Grammys for the last several years, faithful viewers know that Taylor Swift always finds a new way to stun. At this year’s ceremony, which was held on January 26, the country/pop singer wowed the crowds in a beautiful Gucci Premiere gown. The gold lamé dress had a silver crystal overlay, which was reminiscent of chainmail.

Though it was tailored to fit her buff figure to a T, Swift described the dress as anything but comfortable. “I think it’s bulletproof,” she told E!’s Ryan Seacrest in a red carpet interview. “It’s really heavy. It’s everything you would expect it to be. It’s like a suit of armor.” Rather than doing anything with her hair or makeup to distract from the ensemble, Swift opted for a perky ponytail and smoky eye shadow with a pop of pink lipstick to round out the look.

Once the awards show started, Swift stood out both onstage and in the audience. On several occasions, the cameras captured the 24-year-old star dancing in the aisles–especially during the performance by Beyonce and Jay Z and then again while Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons tore up the stage.

Swift herself took the spotlight about halfway through the awards show with a performance of her ballad “All Too Well.”

The song, which Swift reportedly wrote about her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, began as a mellow number with the singer accompanying herself on the piano.

During an instrumental break, however, Swift whipped her head back and forth in a head-banging moment that was somewhat out of character. The performance immediately became one of the most talked and tweeted about moments from the entire show.

The singer was nominated for four Grammys this year, including Best Country Song (“Begin Again”), Best Country Duo/Group Performance (“Highway Don’t Care”), Best Country Album and the coveted Album of the Year (both for her 2012 album, Red).

Swift didn’t take home any awards this year, but she did suffer an embarrassing moment when she thought she had won Album of the Year. As the actual winner–Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories–was announced, Swift only heard the first syllable from presenter Alicia Keys, and thought Keys had said “Red.” The singer’s look of shock has made the rounds on the Internet in the days since the ceremony, but Swift actually handled the flub and immediately began to applaud for the winners.

Swift already has seven Grammys at home in spite of not winning any new ones this year. She continues to establish herself as one of the biggest names in contemporary music–blending country with pop and luring in fans who would never have considered buying a country album in the past.

Never one to remain stagnant, she has already been working on a new album for the better part of the last year. It’s safe to say that she will continue to be a fixture of future Grammy telecasts, and it’s impossible to predict what she’ll do (and wear) next.