Ten Reasons We Love Beyonce

January 24, 2014

1. Her Loyalty

Michelle Williams , Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles of Destinys Child B.E.T.Awards 2007 held at The Shrine - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

After the grace and dignity that Beyonce showed in the early days with Destiny’s Child concerning those scandalous accusations about her father, her sense of loyalty became apparent. She’s still loyal to her girls as exhibited by their performance together for the show at Super Bowl XXVII. Her long-time commitment to one-time bad boy Jay-Z also speaks volumes.

2. She’s a Fashion Diva

Beyonce Knowles Bloomingdale's introduces the new House of Deréon Dress collection  Featuring: Beyonce Knowles Where: New York City, United States

There was no question that Beyonce’s clothing line, The House of Dereon, would be wildly successful. This fashionista goddess could put on a potato sack and still make it look stunning. You can’t help but admire her style!

3. Beyonce’s So Hot it Burns

Beyonce, performs at the 2013 Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  Featuring: Beyonce Where: Philadelphia, PA, United States When: 31 Aug 2013

Even Stevie Wonder would agree that Beyonce is smoking hot because he’d be able to feel the sultriness of here mere presence. Even when surrounded by other hotties, Ms. Knowles’s ‘assets’ still stand out, and having a baby didn’t seem to phase her figure.

4. Lovin’ that Low Profile

Jay Z and Beyonce Novak Djokovic of Serbia plays against Rafael Nadal of Spain during the Men's Final on Day 15 of US Open Tennis Tournament, on Arthur Ashe Stadium, in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York.  Featuring: Jay Z and Beyonce Where: New York City, United States When:

She’s a superstar, fashion designer, married to another music icon and new mom – but mum’s still the word. Beyonce keeps her private life amazingly hush-hush, rarely offering more than a brief interview in passing. We can’t handle another paparazzi queen like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan anyway!

5. She’s Rooting for All the Single Ladies


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous lady telling men to get with the program already? “If you like then you shoulda put a ring on it” – Beyonce keeps it real – and that’s why we love her. Speaking of which, the music video inspired Kanye West to pop the question to the topic of number 6.

6. She Avoids Kim Kardashian Like the Plague

V Festival 2013 held at Highlands Park  Performances - Day One  Featuring: Beyonce Where: Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Although their hubbies are good buds and she did Kim a solid in number 5, Beyonce isn’t spotted with media magnet Kim K. and her crew – a very smart move for a woman trying to keep her business out of the spotlight. Then again, there’s no love lost between Kanye and Beyonce. Remember the whole Taylor Swift incident? If not, see number 7.

7. The Kanye West/Taylor Swift Episode

Taylor Swift 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) held at the Radio City Music Hall - Press Room  Featuring: Taylor Swift Where: New York City, New York, United States

What a woman! Beyonce kindly brought Taylor Swift back onto the stage so that she could finally finish her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs after Kanye rushed the stage, snagged the mic and stole Taylor’s much-deserved thunder. Is there anything this guy won’t do, and how much do we love Beyonce for being a sweetheart and making things right?

8. Expect the Unexpected


Beyonce seems to reach into an invisible bag of tricks to catch us off guard with a new talent every few years. Her ability to sing and dance is no secret, but she’s also proven herself to be one heck of a wife, business woman, fashion designer and screen actress. Now she’s showing us what a fabulous mom she is and we can’t wait to see what talent she reveals next.

9. Rockin’ Those High, High Heels


When the Modern Family actress first caught the public eye, her Columbian accent, smoldering good looks and full curves made her a bit more interesting than the multitudes of thin, blonde starlets. But, as she has become more famous, the accent has gotten thicker, the bimbo act has been played up and the clothes have gotten tighter. She is no longer unique, she is a cliché.

10. She’s a Good Girl

Beyonce Knowles

You don’t hear about Beyonce in the news other than mentions of her latest hit, tour or accomplishment. No drunken tirades, cheating, drugging or well, anything scandalous and we just can’t resist a really, really good girl who’s famous, wealthy and talented!