Rita Ora Wows In A Black Cleavage – Baring Gown At MTV Movie Awards

April 17, 2014

MTV Movie Awards have always been more about the clothes than the movies, and singer Rita Ora did not disappoint this year. If folks were waiting for the one show stopping outfit this year, it was definitely the black number that Ms. Ora wore like a boss.

Hello girls!


Rita Ora left little to the imagination in her stunning black gown with an insane plunging neckline. Considering how much of her own assets were on display, it is no wonder the singer decided to go low key on any other accessories. Ora chose a simple small chained necklace and black accented earrings to make sure nothing took away attention from the gals.

Other stars who were happy to bare some skin for the MTV Movie awards included Rihanna, who was in a pure white stunning ensemble.

Take it all off!

Apparently Rita felt that she should not be the only one revealing a little chest at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

When the lovely Zac Efron accepted his “Best Shirtless Moment” award for his performance in “That Awkward Moment,” Rita Ora was not satisfied. Before Efron knew what hit him, Ora literally ripped his shirt open revealing some perfectly toned abdominals.

Zac Efron was more than willing to give his audience exactly what they really wanted and then went on to take the shirt all the way off.

Not everyone went all out for the fashionable event, however. Jared Leto, who received the “Best Transformation Performance” Award showed up looking a little shaggy, and worse for the wear.

But who can blame him since he did come straight from Coachella to attend the MTV Movie Awards. Leto received the award for his performance in “The Dallas Buyers Club” and made a moving speech addressing the AIDS epidemic in America.

Colors everywhere!


Lupita Nyong’o, who presented the award to Jared, wowed the audience in her colorful outfit which featured piles of sequins. Her Chanel number reminded us of a colorful gumball machine which fits in perfectly with the MTV Movie Awards theme of crazy fun.

Nicki, is that you?


We normally would have expected Nicki Minaj to break out the crazy for an event like this, but surprisingly, the rapper took things to a whole new place. Just so you know, it was a good place too. Nikki showed up in classic black, form fitting of course, and who can blame her with a form like that.

Gold accent bracelets which wrapped all the way up her toned arms provided the perfect accessories. She even showed up with a natural hair color. Beautiful dark brown tresses cascading down her classic outfit just screamed Hollywood fabulous.