Nine Reasons We Hate Miley Cyrus

January 27, 2014

1. Wardrobe Choice

2013 American Music Awards

The first and foremost reason that most individuals hate Miley is of course her crass outfit choice. When most stylists would direct their clients to keep covered up, Miley’s stylist seems to have missed the memo.

2. Public Behavior

Miley Cyrus performing live in concert in Sunrise

There are plenty of instances in which Miley had a chance to show that she had grown up, instead the young starlet decided to grind on Robin Thicke.

3. Tongue

I Heart Radio Village Concerts

One word explains it all, Miley cannot be photographed lately without her tongue protruding from her mouth. Miley claims that it is a nervous tick that helps her deal with the paparazzi, however, most find it incredibly annoying.

4. Twerking

Y100’'s Jingle Ball 2013

The word was everywhere in 2013 and Miley was the front runner. This dance move was invented in clubs but Miley brought it to the stage and everywhere else she went.

5. Talented or Talentless?

2014 New Years Eve Celebration

With a bevy of catchy songs in 2013 it is hard to say if Miley is truly talented or if she is simply in the public sphere because of her lewd behavior. Most would contend that it was simply the work of great song writers that kept Miley popular while others argue that she is truly talented.

6. Public Feuds

Miley Cyrus hosts the grand opening of Beacher's Madhouse - Arrivals

Miley spent most of her time this year blowing up social media by feuding with fellow celebrities like Sinead O’Connor. Though many find celebrity feuds amusing, Sinead put Miley on blast for her behavior, her appearance, and the way that she degraded and demeaned female celebrities.

7. Sexy or Not?

20th MTV Europe Music Awards - Performance

Miley spent much of her year trying to get away from the Disney image that made her famous but were her attempts sexy or sleazy? From licking a sledgehammer, to dancing naked on a wrecking ball, Miley certainly made her mark.

8. Twitter Pics

20th MTV Europe Music Awards - Arrivals

Miley spent the other half of her year posting photos of herself on Twitter. From photos of herself with other stars, scantily clad, after her dramatic hair cut, basically every move she made, she documented.

9. Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus Divorce

Y100’'s Jingle Ball 2013

As if it wasn’t enough that her parents were divorcing, Miley had to publicly take sides, become an instigator defending her mother against claims of cheating, and more. Rather than simply stepping back and allowing her parents to work it out like the adults that they claim to be, Miley stepped in.

  • throttler

    You forgot her ugly hair.

  • kiddacon

    Miley Cyrus is horrible. She openly flaunts the growing idea that women are worth nothing more than their body. That a women cannot be successful without acting like a drunk prostitute lost in a hardware store. Badmind is the worst disease and America is imploding -.-

  • pretap

    I DON’T HATE MILEY but I do feel extremely sorry for how she’s destroying her life, and doesn’t seem to care that folks are laughing ‘at’ and not with her. What good does it do to “gain this mixed and messed up world but ultimately lose your soul” (Matthew 16:26), just to stick it to folks or think what you’re doing is right, when in actually it’s really all wrong?? She imploding and I think her dad especially doesn’t seem to notice because according to him, he wishes he’d have made a similar move, really?? Very sad all the way around. Hope she snaps out of it soon, because it’s beyond tiring now.

    • Shirley Hendrickson

      I agree with pretap. I don’t hate her I pray that she go back the way she was.

      • Maria Diaz

        Me too

  • pretap

    ‘Public Behavior’, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, but maybe she should because she sounds like she’s slipping.

  • pretap

    Maybe if we leave her alone and stop posting things about her she’ll finally fade into the background, and get the help she thinks she doesn’t need??

  • Mika

    All kids go thru this phase some go thru it alot younger then miley cyrus but its just the way it is. I might not be famous but I went through this stage in my life when I was 25 years old. Britney Spears went threw it, Same with Lindsay Lohan and if we want to go way back even Elizabeth Taylor went through it when she she was this age. Have you noticed a trend with childhood stars. But Remember She isnt doing anything that has given her a record like Bieber or Lohan or even Spears!! But Miley will be miley and she was an Actress long before she was a singer. So If she wasnt famous would you be saying half the shit your saying on here!! Think about it… Plus there are worst Dances in past history that have been seen then Twerking! For example Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze those dances and make out scenes were so much worse then Twerking could ever be… or how about Cry Baby with Johnny Depp….There are so many movies I could list that there dancing was worse then Miley Cyrus’s Twerking!!! We teach our children to play with Barbie (Based from a German Prostitute doll named Lilli) So Really People when did we become such Hypocrits!!

    • Maria Diaz

      No we say all of this because if we don’t then it means that we will allow more of this behavior to continue.Thumbs down for Miley. Bad behavior results in bad consequences and I don’t want our children to believe that this is something normal or a phase. I’d rather have more artists that don’t have this kind of behavior. Think about that.

      • Meaghan Farwell

        when will her tonge stop hanging out like a dog?