NFL Legend Rosey Grier Accused Of Sexual Assault

April 3, 2014

Penn State is still reeling from a child sex scandal that will put the university back for decades.

The closest confidant and longest tenured assistant football coach of legendary college football guru Joe Paterno was accused and convicted of molesting 52 adolescent boys over a 15 year span.

But, in truth, Sandusky would never have been remembered for more than being an assistant football coach under Joe Paterno.

It is far more difficult to accept the atrocious decisions of those men and women who are, were, great Americans.

Sandusky rode on coattails – Grier a true leader of men and champion of youth

Roosevelt ”Rosey” Grier should die a great American. He was not just another ball player. If convicted, Grier will die and be remembered for his biggest mistake, one that occurred at the age of 81. When he passes, it should be so much more that people would remember him for.

In 1968, Rosey Grier was protecting the wife of Senator Robert F. Kennedy when Sirhan Sirhan shot the brother of assassinated president John F. Kennedy. With the help of several other men, Grier wrestled the gun from Sirhan’s hands before he could shoot the senator again. Though others were involved, Grier’s actions were those of heroism.

Though Grier had a notable professional football career as a member of the New York Giant’s 1950s ”Fearsome Foursome,” he is probably been better known for his ministerial work and the celebrity he attained after retiring from football.

Grier appeared over 70 times as a guest on various television shows in the 1960s and 70s. His film credits include a role in the epic mini-series ”Roots,” as well as renowned films like ”In Cold Blood” and ”Carter’s Army.”

Grier has an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University, has received commendations from the Los Angeles City Council, was the Master of Ceremonies for the Special Olympics from 1970 until 1983, received the Watson Award from IBM, and the B’nai B’rith Champion of Youth Award, the National Football League Humanitarian Award, the Penn State Alumnus of the Year…and more. Pretty amazing.

Rosey Grier isn’t some guy that played a little football and turned out to be a pervert. Rosey Grier was truly, without question, one of the pillars of society.

All reports contain fuzzy details, but damage may already be done

Not a year after marrying a retired Wichita school teacher he had known for over 20 years, Grier was hit with a sexual assault lawsuit. A woman named Jana Young, the former manager and neighbor of Grier’s, claims that while Grier was living with her during his home remodeling, Grier ”purposefully exposed himself, completely nude, to Young without her consent.”

According to reports, Young kicked Grier out of the house, but later confronted him in order to retrieve money she earned doing work for him as well as money she had loaned him for the remodeling. During the conversation, Young claims that Grier pushed one of his hands down the front of her pants and made a derogatory comment about how it felt.

While it is unclear as to whether or not Young called the police or reported the incident, she is now filing a civil lawsuit in the hopes of receiving damages.

Implications far bigger than just another civil lawsuit

If what he is being accused of turns out to be true, this is the very equivalent of the fall of Joe Paterno. Black society will suffer a huge loss. Very few football players from Grier’s generation have done more to help those in need than Rosey Grier. Some have shown more heroism while others have used their fame more in order to give to others.


If what Jana Young is accusing Grier of is true, the 81-year-old, regardless of what he has done in the past for others, should be forced to monetarily compensate Young for her hardship, if not suffer criminal consequences.

Regardless of the man’s age or social status or good deeds over the decades, if what Young claims is true, his behavior was unacceptable; it was simply disgusting.

However, there are questions as to the legitimacy of Young’s claims. Though she accuses him of exposing himself to her, she didn’t feel it was necessary to go to his house with her husband or anyone else who might have protected her.

In addition, while she claims sexual assault occurred, she does not claim he assaulted her as he put his hand down her pants, yet she claims he put his hand down far enough to touch her genitals and touch her for long enough to come to the conclusion that she felt, ”like a virgin.”

Her accusations may be completely legitimate

But, if not, it will be a tragic loss if there is more to the story than Young is claiming. If Young’s accusations are false, she will be solely responsible for the downfall of a man that truly deserved to spend the rest of his days in peace and esteem considering all he has done for this country. After all, the last thing we need is history repeating itself at Penn State all over again.