Morbid or original Jared Leto uses a coffin as a bookshelf

February 10, 2014


Celebrities have been known to do some strange things and, perhaps, even design their homes with some eclectic decorations. Recently it came to light that Jared Leto even keeps his books in a coffin in his living room.

The star obtained this rather morbid piece of décor from a movie set and has, it would seem, grown fond of the prop. Sources are unclear about the nature of the books – if they’ve been written by contemporary or, perhaps, dead authors, but Leto makes no bones about the item’s usefulness for storing his book collection.

Leto, of course, is a celebrated actor, but also the front man for the band 30 Seconds to Mars. Hailing from Bossier City, Louisiana, Leto was born in 1971. He began pursuing his acting career back in 1992 and has been collecting interesting props from sets ever since. While a coffin bookcase might be construed as somewhat morbid unless you happen to be into vampires and such, it’s not entirely out of character for Leto to be on the less-than-usual side.

Leto attended art school and his work in various artistic genres is indicative of who he is. While the rest of the world might say ‘morbid,’ the artist sees functional and useful.

Moreover, in keeping with the reuse and recycle culture our society is trying to promote to improve sustainability across the land, the Leto coffin bookshelf is actually a great idea in DIY furnishings.

Perhaps the actor-artist-rocker will snap a picture to share with fans and the DIY crowd on Pinterest!

To be entirely fair to Leto, he isn’t home much and has a demanding schedule that may not allow much time to shop at Ikea for a proper bookcase.

Even so, his décor isn’t the only household that could be construed as somewhat extraordinary. After Christina Aguilera had her baby, her nursery pictures popped up in media reports and showed a giant crescent moon sporting a rather menacing face.

It’s said that Demi Moore sleeps in s bedroom strewn with lifelike dolls with human hair. People can only imagine the furnishings inside homes of actors like Johnny Depp or even directors like Tim Burton; few would expect to find mid-century normalcy, but then again – normal would be weird for them.

In a celebrity world, however, where style and trend go hand in hand, where luxury dictates fashion, and the rich are deemed fashionable by virtue of their riches, it’s actually refreshing to find that some celebrities maintain a decidedly singular approach to home décor. Leto, it seems, doesn’t even seem remotely concerned whether his funerary style will be copied by his throngs of fans or not.

He could have a merchandising treasure trove on his hands: the Leto coffin shelving system for paperbacks, the Leto Coffin spice rack or the Leto Coffin Coffee Table (topped with glass). Perhaps the normal world isn’t ready for the decorative coffin trend just yet. Lady Gaga has ordered an egg-shaped bed; perhaps that will catch on more quickly.