“Mad Men” Returns For Sizzling Final Season

April 15, 2014


“Mad Men” has continued where “Breaking Bad” left off by keeping AMC at the forefront of excellent television entertainment. The show, which follows Jon Hamm portraying Don Draper, has become iconic in the way that it feeds its audience with tight dialogue, masterful acting, and constant intensity.

“Mad Men” debuted on Sunday for its final time as it embarks on the 7th season of the show. With only 14 episodes remaining, and a break after 7, “Mad Men” has returned with an intense commitment to seizing the moment. Let’s take a look at what will make this final season of “Mad Men” so special.

“Mad Men” will focus on change in season 7

Much like “Breaking Bad”, the final season of “Mad Men” will focus on the rapid acceleration of change as the world of Sterling Cooper & Partners shifts, perhaps, irrevocably.

Don Draper, throughout the first 6 seasons, has been reminiscent of another strong male figure in television, Tony Soprano. Much like Tony, Draper has refused to make the kind of changes that would ensure a long and healthy life.


At the end of season 6 we see that, perhaps for the first time, Don is ready to become a better man and to break out of his vicious cycle of self-loathing and destruction. Don is merely the sun that the series orbits around and other characters have a lot to say in the little bit of time left.

Ted and Pete are making big changes down in California, where they occasionally see Don as he visits Megan, and Peggy is having her own tough time dealing with new boss, Lou Avery.Things are never easy in the world of “Mad Men” but, perhaps, this final season will mark a shift in tone.

“Mad Men” will have fierce programming competition

While the final season of any historic program is a big deal, “Mad Men” will have to share its Sunday night spotlight with HBO stalwart “Game of Thrones”. The fantasy epic is pulling in one of the largest audiences ever experienced in television programming and is in the middle of one of its most intense seasons.

It will be interesting to note how this competition changes the way “Mad Men” markets itself. We can assume that there will be heightened moments of intensity meant to keep viewers going in the suddenly robust field of quality programming.


“Mad Men” to split after 7 episodes

Though we are technically in the last season of the storied series, the franchise will take a mid-season break. Much like their AMC brothers, “Breaking Bad”, the decision to split the final season of “Mad Men” was made to ensure that quality standards were upheld all the way to the end.

This split in programming will help stave off the inevitable post-series exhaustion that we have come to hate as our favorite shows reach their inevitable conclusion.

The season 7 premiere of “Mad Men” made its debut on the 13th and was a hit with adults in the 18-49 year age range. The show has always prided itself on its consistently smart and mature writing and we have faith that it will keep those viewers all the way until the end of the line.