Like Mother, Like Daughter – Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty To DWI

June 4, 2014

dina lohan

Well, the Lohan name is back in garbage news, and for once it isn’t because of Lindsay.

Dina Lohan, 51, and mother of infamous Lindsay Lohan, now has something in common with her daughter: a guilty plea for DWI and speeding.

Dina Lohan was arrested in Long Island last September for going 77 mph in a 55 mph zone.

She reportedly blew a 0.20% blood alcohol breath test, which is more than twice the legal limit 0f 0.08% for operating a motor vehicle.

Paying the Price
Dina pleaded guilty to the charges at her trial in April, and was told to await sentencing in June. 2 months later and here we are, along with Dina’s sentence.

The Nassau District Court Judge Andrew Engel sentenced Lohan Tuesday. Her penalty will be a revoked license for a period of 1 year, a $2500 fine for drunk driving, and an additional $100 for speeding. Also, after her license is returned, she will be forced to drive using an alcohol ignition interlock device.

All of this came after the judge told her she should do 100 hours of community service back in April before her sentencing. Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, thanked the judge for his “patience and its evenhanded justice dispensed to Ms. Lohan.” He also remarked that, “This has been a very onerous process for her.”

Judge Engel, on the other hand, responded with “With all due respect… the only person responsible for this onerous ordeal is Ms. Lohan herself. Fortunately you didn’t kill anybody, you didn’t kill yourself,” tacking on that next time she might not be so lucky.