Katy Perry about the latest shooting incident at Maryland’s shopping mall – ‘I pray for change’

February 4, 2014

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

The oft candy-studded California it-girl is not, as her fans know, just about the light and breezy, sunny beaches and cotton candy. After a recent mall shooting in Maryland, Perry tweeted on the social network “Twitter” that ‘actual change’ is needed to stem this tide of gun violence.

In late January, a nineteen-year-old man killed two mall employees who were working in a Maryland skate shop and then himself. Investigators do not believe the perpetrator knew his victims though he had planned to kill as evidenced by his journal writings.

The violence and its tragic consequences prompted Perry to tweet: “Is anyone else really sad about the constant stream of shootings and how normal it’s becoming to see these headlines on a weekly basis?” She followed up her initial tweet with this one, “Scared to go to school? Scared to go to the mall?

Scared to go to the movies? Me too. When will there be ACTUAL change? How many more?!” Perry was soon after invited to the Piers Morgan show to talk about real change. It remains to be seen if she will take up the CNN commentator’s offer to discuss guns in America.

Perry also voiced her empathy for the families of the victims. Morgan has long been calling for tougher gun laws as a way to curb these horrific examples of gun violence. The ‘Roar’ singer appears to be disturbed by these shootings as are many people throughout the country.

Many celebrities chime in with concerns and opinions during these crisis situations. What’s interesting about Perry is that her light and fluffy persona, her day-job as a pop hit singer, is filled by a brainy young person with a lot of drive and ambition and an inspirational foundation.

Many people may not know that this hot singer who can “melt your popsicle” is the daughter of ministers, a kid who wasn’t even allowed to listen to secular music as she was growing up. Talented for her gospel singing at an early age, Perry eventually branched out and moved from her home in Sacramento to chase her dreams of a music career in Los Angeles.

Fulfilling her musical dreams may be the stuff of Hollywood legends, but there appears to be more to Perry than writing catchy songs and decking herself out in the most outrageous costumes this side of Cher.

In a world of poppy lightweights and celebrities who show off their questionable IQs on reality shows, it’s refreshing to see a star with empathy and thoughtfulness. As Morgan explained, the issue may improve if stars like Perry enter the discussion and help exact the change they want.

Perhaps Perry will take Morgan up on his offer to appear on a CNN broadcast. Until then, check in with Perry on her Twitter feed. Morgan, too, is on Twitter and voicing his anger over the shooting. According to reports, investigators are still puzzling out why this young man would end his life and take two along with him. At this point, no one seems to understand why.

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    You did get change, Katy….with your boy Presidont Owebummer……did he not change America enough for you?