Is it just us or is Bruce Jenner really becoming a woman?

February 4, 2014

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The rumor mill is afire over a recent surgery allegedly undertaken by Kardashian reality star Bruce Jenner to have his Adam’s apple reduced.

Today’s audiences know Jenner as an often bewildered and frustrated member of the attention-seeking family on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There may be viewers and sports enthusiasts that remember a different Jenner. At the 1972 U.S. Olympic trials, he placed third in the decathlon and eventually finished tenth at that year’s Munich games.

At the 1976 Summer Olympics, he won the gold in the decathlon, setting a world record. He went on to being lauded as a national hero. He appeared on cereal boxes and made television and movie appearances that didn’t do much for him as an actor.

Jenner’s hopes of cashing in on his sports celebrity may not have gone the way he had hoped but he managed a fairly decent career in business. Bruce Jenner Aviation sold aircraft supplies. He was a vice president of business development at a software company. He also marketed fitness facilities eventually purchased by Super Fitness Centers.

Throughout this period, Jenner was out of the spotlight. The beginning of the new era of his career started in 1991 when he married socialite Kris Jenner after a brief courtship. This would be Jenner’s third marriage. He likely had no idea where this union would ultimately take him, making him famous in ways he probably was not looking for.

Reports of Jenner’s oddly altering physical appearance started not long after his wife’s children became the newest celebrities following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie. This latest story of Jenner leaving The Beverly Hills Surgical Center this past January with his throat bandaged alludes to the former Olympian undergoing a laryngeal or tracheal shave.

This is a procedure generally used with transwomen where the thyroid cartilage is reduced through shaving, achieving a more female like appearance. It is also used on individuals uncomfortable with their Adam’s apple’s girth.

Unfortunately, in Jenner’s case the potential procedure only fueled rumors that he has a long term goal of becoming a woman. These stories have haunted Jenner for some time. One of his ex-wives and a former Kardashian family member insists the former athlete has been a long time cross-dresser.

It’s been said estranged wife Kris is well aware of Jenner’s predilection and was comfortable with it. Still, there are others who insist Jenner is no cross-dresser and he has no desire to ever change his sex.

Jenner has publicly admitted he was unhappy with the appearance of his Adam’s apple. Curiously, almost immediately after being seen leaving the hospital, it was reported that Jenner had cancelled any planned procedure that he went in there for. This despite the fact he was seen exiting with this throat bandaged.

It hasn’t helped that Jenner’s appearance has changed over the years. He has had surgery to remove fat above the eyelids and quite possibly had his face tucked and nipped.