Dressed To Shock – Pia Mia’s Fashion Explosion Of Madness At MTV Movie Awards

April 17, 2014


One of the newest faces to music, Pia Mia, made quite an impression at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. While some people enjoyed her unique ensemble, most were a little confused about why she chose to wear a monochromatic purple outfit from head to toe, including the matching purple bandana in her hair.

The outfit itself included a purple brallet top and a high-waisted pencil skirt of the same shade of purple. She carried a white bag and wore beige heels to finish off the outfit. Pia Mia didn’t skimp on jewelry either, from her large gold bangles, to the gold necklace and cocktail rings.

Who is Pia Mia?

If you don’t yet know who Pia Mia is, you will soon. The singer originally got notice after sharing videos of her singing acapela on YouTube.

This got the notice of record labels, especially with a cover she did of Drake’s 2013 hit single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

After that, she signed with Interscope Records and is known as Kanye West’s protege. Pia Mia has now sung with Kanye West and Drake himself, and has been seen hanging out with Kylie Kardashian.

She lives in Los Angeles, often seen with Jaden Smith, Vanessa Hudgens’ sister Stella, and Sofia, Nicole Richie’s little sister.

About her outfit choice

During an interview at the MTV Movie Awards, Pia Mia told the reporter that she chose this outfit after designing it herself. Purple is her favorite color, so when deciding what to wear to the awards show, she started making sketches with an app on her iPad. When she was happy with the result, she gave it to a designer who then created the outfit for her.

Thanks to these new forms of technology, just about anyone can design their own clothing, and if you have the inside track to popular designers who are talented with going from such raw sketches, you might just be able to have someone create an outfit for you.

MTV Awards interview


During the interview, Pia Mia went on to explain she would love to keep designing and hopes to one day have a fashion line.

When asked about who she was hoping to see at her first big award show attendance, she admitted to wanting to see Eminem and Rihanna perform.

Pia Mia also told the reporter that she is currently working on her first full album and is planning a somewhat different approach to live performances on her upcoming tour, wanting to model after one of her inspirations, Pink.

Pia Mia’s purple ensemble might not have been on any best dressed lists for the MTV Movie Awards, but she certainly made an entrance and got plenty of media attention.

Whether or not in the future she will take the same approach or dial it back a bit on her color and style, is anybody’s guess. For now, Pia Mia will be working on her upcoming album.