Curvy and Sexy – Celebs We Love Just The Way They Are


The following celebrities get lots of press for their stunning good looks and curvaceous bodies, but the fact remains that their talent is undeniable.

The following talented women are undeniably beautiful but also incredibly skilled in their unique ways. Moreover, they’re proving to the world that first rate looks has little to do with following convention.

1. Mindy Kaling

With hit shows such as “The Office” and “The Mindy Project” which is on NBC Tuesday nights after “New Girl” under her belt, Mindy Kaling has become a name that most people know.

She is not only known for her unique characters, but for her fun loving personality in real life.

She even recently graced the cover of Elle Magazine. Born in 1979 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kaling also has some notable films under her belt like Wreck-It Ralph and The Five-Year Engagement.

Regarded as highly creative, Kaling is someone who likes to take chances as an actress and even as a fashionista.

She’s become known for her eclectic style that throws convention to the curb. It’s fun to spot Kaling in fun, printed dress that highlights her curves or wearing chunky shoes and some wooden bangles.

Though Kaling has stated that she’s perpetually trying to lose fifteen pounds, she never wants to be skinny; she enjoys he freedom – freedom from style and beauty conventions.

The best part is it works for her because everyone seems to love her beauty quite the way it is. With her charming personality and wit, she’s certainly worth emulating as someone highly individual who enjoys doing it her own way.

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