Check This Out! WTF Moments Of The 23rd MTV Movie Awards!

April 17, 2014


There were many special scenes from the 23rd Annual MTV Movie Awards in 2014. One of the most notable, perhaps, was that of the sleeping Grumpy Cat, seated right up front for the whole spectacle. Grumpy Cat illustrates a common audience reaction to host Conan O’Brien’s performance.

But there were many other surprising and head-shaking “WTF?” moments from the show as well. From Amanda Seyfried’s flop to Rita Ora’s dropping dress, the show was full of events that left Twitter all atwitter.

Conan sings

Admittedly, Conan O’Brien outdid himself with his short film opener, in which he promised to feature 50 celebrity cameos.

There was little chance he could keep up the pace after that, and unfortunately, he could not. His first bit was predictable and not terribly witty.

The audience’s sycophantic laughter only underscored the awkwardness. His opening song was contrived and patently not very funny.

The only plus is that he appears to actually have been playing the guitar. Vine videos notwithstanding, Conan definitely “could do better.”

Amanda Seyfried flops

If you are going to be onstage and live before millions, you ought to remember that you might need to see well. Amanda Seyfried apparently forgot this important little tidbit, along with her contacts. Seyfried, known for her performances in “Les Miserables” and “Letters to Juliet,” has a production schedule so busy that it seems inevitable that she might forget something important.

When she stood on stage aside Seth MacFarlane to announce the award for Best Comedic Performance, she noted that she was having a hard time reading her cues. Whether this is true or not, her stilted interaction with MacFarlane left many pained expressions in the audience.

Jared Leto propositions


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you know who Jared Leto is. He looks like he fell out of the sexy tree and hit every branch on the way down.

The thing is, he knows it. From his arrival to the movie awards show via helicopter, to his hands-free hair flip on his way up to receive the award for Best On-Screen Transformation, Leto is chock-full of attitude.

When he came onstage to announce the award for Best Villain, he donned a straw hat, sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt.

In this garb, he asked for a ride back to Coachella. Swearing he is a good cuddler, Leto propositioned several other show attendees, including Rihanna, Shailene and last but not least, Channing Tatum.


Mark Wahlberg drops the “f” bomb

In a literal “WTF?” moment, Mark Wahlberg felt it was appropriate to let it all hang out in his acceptance speech for the Generation Award. For Wahlberg, this apparently means dropping the “f” bomb right and left.

He was honest about his feelings that this particular award is MTV’s way of saying that your career is effectively over. But, to some surprise, he made his comments rather blunt. “This is the ‘you’re too f**king old to come back’ award,” Wahlberg told the audience. Then, he said it several more times.

Rita Ora’s dress drops


Although most of the outfits worn to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards were graceful and elegant, there were a few notable exceptions.

At the top of the list is singer Rita Ora. Ora wore a sleek, long, black number that was extremely low-cut. There were multiple problems with the dress.

First, the low and wide cut of the neck made Ora’s bust look almost nonexistent. Cleavage is a good thing, and too many designers have forgotten that.

A disturbing addition to the dress is the side pockets, which Ora put her hands into for a shot on the red carpet. The effect was disturbing, as if she left sausages or rolls of quarters in there.

In the end, all that matters is that you get off the stage without looking stupid. Although most stars managed that simple feat, others left a more memorable experience in the hearts and minds of the viewers.