Beyoncé And Jay Z – Billion-Dollar Divorce Rumors

May 27, 2014


After a recent video of Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister, whaling on her brother-in-law went viral, rumors abound about the power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage being on the rocks.
This could definitely be a problem, and not just for the obvious reasons, as the couples net worth is roughly $900 million.

However, given the current state of divorce proceedings in the U.S., that money could disappear fast to court fees, and celebrity divorce lawyers whose prices could go as high as $100,000 per month, enough to leave even the mightiest broke!

99 Problems, but His Wife is Definitely One

The elevator brawl allegedly started because Solange had apparently had enough of Jay Z’s late nights with other women, and felt like showing him.

Even more surprising was the fact that Beyoncé apparently just let it happen. This coming from a couple that is always careful about what image they let the public see.

Beyoncé is known for being meticulous about her “perfect family” and the appearance that all is well with the two.

However, sources close to the couple say that there is definitely something off, as the wedding tattoo that Beyoncé had gotten has been removed.

The tattoo, a Roman numeral IV, represented both Jay’s birthday, as well as the day of their marriage, which was April 4th. “To the public, Beyoncé and Jay Z appear to have it all. But behind closed doors, they’re not as happy as people think they are,” a source close to the couple says.

This has come after months of jealous rage on the part of Queen B, but then again, who likes their partner running around on them? How does Jay Z respond to all of this? “He just sort of shrugs it off…saying, ‘Nothing is forever.’”