9 Potential A-Listers from the B-Movie League

January 24, 2014

1. Lea Michele


Lea is triple threat who can sing, act and dance. She has been nominated for several awards and won the People’s Choice, Teen Choice and the coveted Screen Actors Guild award for her role on Glee. Yet Lea has yet to break through with a leading big screen role. She has proven to have skills beyond her age, it is time to see her in the lead.

2. Tristan Wilds


Tristan has received a Grammy nomination for his music and great reviews for his television roles on 90210 and The Wire. As far as the big screen goes, he has only been casted in the smaller roles. Given the chance to lead he could bring some of his proven talent to new levels.

3. Kaley Cuoco


Kaley has become America’s sweetheart on the small screen with the Big Bang Theory and her fans are ready to see her on the big screen, perhaps in the same type of rolls that Gwyneth Paltrow used to play.

4. Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner has been said to have the Twilight curse, but his roll in Twilight proved that he can get the girls to swoon. He has tried his hand at an action flick and did not come up roses, but he should not be passed up for a big screen leading roll quite yet. After all, he does have a solid fan base willing to grow with him.

5. John Leguizamo


John has been around longer than the others on this list and many do not recognize his range and genuine skill at making the audience laugh with and at him. Due to the veritable rolls he has played, he deserves a chance to take the lead and make everyone ask: “Where have I seen this guy before?”

6. Michael Cera


Michael has already had the lead in several big screen movies like Juno and Superbad, some could argue he is already A-list. However, he has played the same character over and over. He deserves a real leading role that does not make him look like the affable dork that everyone loves, but wonders what exactly the female lead sees in him. A completely different role to prove he has some range as an actor will cement his place on the A-list, and continued roles like he has already done will ensure a gradual fall down to C.

7. Blake Lively


Blake has ruled the small screen with her role on Gossip Girl and she has had a few supporting roles on the big screen. It is time to put Blake in the spotlight as a leading lady. She has the acting skills and is super hot, with an established fan base.

8. Zach Galifianakis


Who did not cringe and laugh at his role in The Hangover? Zach deserves to prove himself as more that the goofy second string guy. Perhaps as the lead in a comedy that Robin Williams might have played a few decades ago?

9. Christopher Mintz-Plasse


Mclovin has the potential, talent and looks to shed his geek persona and become a leading man much like Dustin Hoffman. There is a lot of raw talent that is overlooked as his characters never lead the movie.