25 Celebs You Wouldn’t Recognize Without Makeup


2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, spends a lot of time planning out each new look to be weirder and wilder than the last one.

This includes her makeup, which revolves around tons of wacky colors and avant-garde applications that make her almost unrecognizable compared to old, pre-fame photos. If she was trying to elicit more response from the media, it worked.

On the plus side for the singer, however, she is able to shed her persona by dressing normally and go out in public without being recognized – a rare feat for such an A-list celebrity.

You’d expect a singer who wears such copious amounts of makeup all day to take it off before going to bed. However, on March 26th, Gaga posted a selfie with the caption that she was “off to bed” while still sporting heavy mascara and eyeliner.

Her face was otherwise makeup-free, but it seems that Gaga can’t go without her trademark eye makeup.

One of Gaga’s most recognizable looks is the silver eye makeup that she wore in the “Poker Face” music video. To achieve the same look, you simply have to start by applying some concealer to your eyelid and blending it with your brow. Take some light silver eyeshadow and lightly apply it to the center of your lid, then use a darker gray to blend upwards. Finish off with some black liquid eyeliner and copious amounts of mascara!

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