25 Celebs You Wouldn’t Recognize Without Makeup


Celebrities don’t only use makeup as a way to look younger and more attractive. They also often use it to create an instantly recognizable look that the public can associate with them. They do this so well, in fact, that many are nearly unrecognizable without it!

Here you will find 25 celebrities that you’d probably have a hard time recognizing without their makeup on. You’ll also find some tips on how to do your makeup like these celebs when they are all dolled up. If you’re interested in how they look without it, you’ll probably want to know how they manage to transform themselves and achieve their signature look.

1. Mariah Carey

Everybody knows how much pride Mariah Carey takes in being a diva, but it wasn’t until her role as the frumpy Ms. Weiss in Precious that the public got to see just how integral her beauty routine is to her superstar status.

Still, there’s no denying that Carey looks good for her age. She stunned fans when she posted a barefaced photo to Instagram on her 43rd birthday, hugging a stuffed lamb (a shout out to all of her fans, who she refers to as her “lambily”).

The singer also did her entire role in the film The Butler without any makeup.

When she does wear makeup, Carey is known for her signature, sun-kissed look, despite the fact that she avoids the sun whenever she can (which has contributed to the fact that at 43, she barely has any wrinkles at all!).

So how does she manage to look a little bit tan without the sunlight?

The trick is to use a slightly darker tinged moisturizer along with your foundation, making sure to blend all the way down to your neck so that your face doesn’t look like it’s a different shade from the rest of your body. Then, simply add a small amount of blush to the bridge of your nose and you’ve got the Mariah Carey look!

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