15 Steps You Need to Follow to Look Like J-Lo

January 27, 2014

1. Have a young boyfriend

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J-Lo dates men half her age and that is one style that suits her well. She got rid of Marc Anthony and hooked up with Casper Smart, a boy toy that makes Marc look like a grouchy old man.

2. Soap and Water

Jennifer Lopez claims her glowing skin is from nothing more than simple cleaners and liberal amounts of moisturizer she gets from her dermatologist. She claims she never gets facials and relies on basic skin cleansers to keep her skin smooth.

3. Wear Sunblock

Lopez doesn’t need a tan with her beautiful olive colored skin and she took a good friend’s advice who told her to stay out of the sun to look youthful.She said that she does not sunbathe and if she is outside, she wears a lot of sunblock on her face to prevent premature aging.

4. Regular Exercise

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Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, but since she is J-Lo, she can. She exercises every day for an hour, focusing half of the session on toning and the other half on cardio. She doesn’t want to bulk up and get too muscular, so she focuses on staying trim and in shape.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Lopez swears by getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. She believes that when you sleep, you recharge and to keep looking young you need to rest well every night.

6. Find a Good Stylist

Again, not everyone can afford the perks of having a favorite stylist, but taking a friend shopping to help you pick out clothes that flatter your body will help you look younger and more vibrant, just like J-Lo.

7. Keep a Positive Attitude

Even at her worst times, Lopez tries to maintain a positive attitude. Keeping positive reduces stress on your body while too much stress can cause all kinds of problems. When you have a face full of worry lines you look older.

8. Love Your Family

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Even though she divorced Marc Anthony in 2011, J-Lo has a beautfiul relationship with the two children the couple had before the divorce. She doesn’t have to want to be married to Anthony, but she does respect that he is the father of her children and she keeps her opinions to herself in front of the kids.

9. Spread the Wealth

If there is one thing most people love about Jenny from the Block, it’s her generosity. She knows her roots, she understands where she came from and she is always one to give back to her community.

10. Keep Busy

Forget having two little kids at home, J-Lo is busy producing music and being a judge on American Idol. She keeps herself in the spotlight but has a good home/work balance going on.

11. Eat Healthy

Jennifer follows a sugar and salt free diet. She also keeps her portions under control. She eats a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and lean protein while staying away from junk food.

12. Don’t Smoke

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This one is a no-brainer. Smoking makes you look old and wrinkly before your time. Stay away from the cigarettes like J-Lo and you will retain your youthful glow.

13. No Alcohol Either

Jenny is big on eating healthy, not smoking and of course, not drinking too much alcohol either. She is not a big fan of partying hard.

14. Don’t Give in to Pressure

Lopez is very confident with who she is and it shows. She knows that she does not have a typical, skinny body shape yet she is comfortable with herself. She doesn’t let the pressure of having to be too skinny get to her.

15. Be Willing to Work Hard

Jenny works hard at everything she does and that includes keeping her body young and healthy looking. Keep stress at bay, work out every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a lot of hard work and dedication to looking young for a long time.