25 Talented Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers


Celebrities often seem like they have the world at their feet. Money, fame, talent and beauty are things many of us wish for, but becoming an international star also comes with its downsides.

Almost every celebrity has struggled with the pressures of fame at some point. However, a great number have found life in the spotlight far too stressful and eventually ruined their careers through alcohol and drug abuse or erratic behaviour. The following list counts down 11 celebrities who threw away a promising future.

1. Boy George

Who can forget Culture Club’s flamboyant singer warbling behind layers of colourful makeup and clothes while making millions of dollars from songs like “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon”?

Unfortunately, Boy George’s days in the spotlight were cut short by squabbles with his bandmate/lover, heroin addiction and legal troubles.

After the heyday of 80’s pop bands ended, Boy George embarked on a solo career.

Although he initially focused on continuing the pop music that Culture Club was known for, he eventually migrated to rock music.

None of the singer’s efforts ever afforded him the kind of success he enjoyed during the 80’s.

Boy George also developed a second career as a DJ and worked primarily in the UK.

Despite repeated attempts to get off drugs, Boy George has so far failed to get his life in order. The flamboyant singer was arrested in 2005 after reporting a burglary at his Manhattan apartment.

The police arrived to find Boy George in an extremely agitated state and eventually arrested him after discovering cocaine at the premises.

Narrowly avoiding jail, the singer was ordered to complete community service at the New York City Department of Sanitation which quickly became a media circus. George hit rock bottom in 2009 after being sentenced to 15 months in jail for falsely imprisoning a male escort.

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  • Randy Mccloskey

    all these people had tremendous possibilities in life and choose alternative pathways to being a fool

  • Jaybone

    Boy George probably makes a fortune as a DJ. He doesn’t just work in the UK or New York but all over the world. I mean, its not like he’s doing weddings…unless it’s for a Saudi prince or something.

  • LLeone

    How could you leave out OJ Simpson? His obsessive compulsion with his ex-wife not only killed off his acting career but his lucrative endorsements and opportunities as a sports broadcaster….It didn’t do much good for his ex-wife, either.

  • Cummbottom

    …well former years of artist. Talent during 80’s_George made. His legacy and statement didn’t. Say LGBTQ just reminder wasn’t. Socially accepted to heterosexual
    media. Anyway you’ll say was it sexual. Preference or institution of conservative notions. Of teen acceptance? During 1986-87 could bought successful. Boy George
    self release Sold 1987. Terrific title media slander not of image. Narcotics bought about demise of Boy. Even the Broadway show which Rosie O’Donnell. Sponsored
    did well in EU,Canada,UK and Australia. Not NYC with LGBTQ population. Admire
    George attitude of success without. Allowing neglect take fun of entertaining. George
    never left was discriminated due. Old stance, hate those LGBTQ. George tours be
    success outside. USA why? Respect of talent sexual preference. Those calling names resent those. Free to enjoy this life George. Welcome back with new title! Bye

    • Kyle Windfell

      really, it’s amazing we never hear about jerry lee lewis who molested his 13 year old female cousin,ad to that which is incest,or celine dions husband who dated and had a relationship with her when she was 13 he was in his 30s,or Mandy Smith who bribed bill wyman of the rolling stones to give her a recording contract or she would go to the authorities about his having a relationship with her when she was 13 years old,he was 30,or chuck berry sleeping and molesting a 14 year old girl oh yes and elvis presley who lusted after a 13 year old girl when he was 25,and absent from this list is rob lowe & R.kelly more molesters,but we always forever hear about micheal jackson pedophilia and life !!!! why because micheal jackson situation has to do with same gender and the others I Discussed and just typed is about opposite sex(straight SEX!!!!!)thats why !!!!

  • Rumionemore

    Paula Deen was set up by media and is making a pretty good come back.
    Also, Lindsay Lohan.I would add Kardashians and Kanye to the list. They are fading because of their stupid antics. All K Sisters are shallow, no-talent people. Not really so pretty.

    • G-Dog

      Paula was “set up” by her own actions and words. K sisters may be shallow and not so talented but Kim is drop dead gorgeous. That’s the only product she has and it’s working for her.

      • Edward

        False. Paula was set up by a fake complaint made by a disgruntled employee who thought she was entitled to millions. The accuser took advantage of the dimwitted public that thinks every southerner is racist.

        • MerleMorrigan

          well, not EVERY Southerner is racist, I will agree with that.

          • spookym

            Really? Do you know his name?

  • Mark Vogel

    I wonder why Mel Gibson isn’t in this list?? I’m betting Paula Deen will rise again.

  • spookym

    Love Boy George’s voice, and drugs–hey, live and learn. What bugs me about him most is that he always seems to be in a bad mood!

  • Alex Olson

    I think Whitney Houston should have been included. She had an amazing voice…and it seems she just let it go to waste because of drugs and stupid choices in men. How sad !

  • cptdmonkusaret

    Why do you refer to it as an accidental drug overdose, how do you have an accident with yourself? They each got what they deserved.

  • btango

    Rob Lowe? He was in an Atlanta bar and met two girls who were there drinking. One was 16 and the other 22. Lowe was 24. To compare that to the others is a bit of a stretch.

  • viva_yo

    I always felt sorry for Tatum O’Neill. Crazy, narcissistic substance abusing parents, she essentially was like a street kid….only with rich parents. She still hasn’t been able to rise above it and she’s now in middle-age, Quite tragic.

  • Kyle Windfell

    rob lowe was taped on video,nude with the 16 yr old in his bedroom
    this situation almost destroyed his career and it seems people have selectively ignored,a girl 16yrs old is underaged and rob was a male adult which is a adult with a child, if this was an older or adult male with a 15 or 16 year old boy, society would not hear the end of it,people and adult straight men seem to think there is two sets of laws, one for men who molested & have sex with teen boys and another for men who molest & have sex with underaged teen girls or children !!!!!or distrubute/make child porn/kiddie porn

  • nicnewhandle

    seeing this picture of justin B wearing the big gold watch and necklace, that gold watch dwarfs his feminine hands so now he looks like a little boy playing dress up in his grown daddy’s jewelry….hahahahahaha