11 Most Annoying Celebrities

January 24, 2014

1. Kanye West

Kanye West leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills after shopping. West is spotted getting into his matte black Lamborghini  Featuring: Kanye West

Between comparing being a rapper to the dangers of being a soldier, repeatedly calling himself a genius, claiming to have invented leather jogging pants and getting into a Twitter battle with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye doesn’t seem to inhabit the same reality as the rest of us.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian departs an office in Century City  Featuring: Kim Kardashian

Kanye’s wife gives him close competition for the title of the most annoying celebrity. With no real talent, the reality star is famous simply because she is famous and she continually litters Twitter with selfies showcasing her ample derriere.

3. Miley Cyrus

Y100’'s Jingle Ball 2013 presented by Jam Audio Collection at BB&T Center - Concert  Featuring: Miley Cyrus

The former Disney star is trying so hard to give her persona a makeover that she goes to extremes. In the past few months she has twerked and gotten frisky with a foam finger at the VMAs, rode a wrecking ball naked and stuck her tongue out at cameras everywhere. One thing is certain: she is getting the attention she is seeking.

4. Kris Jenner

Celebrities at The Grove to appear on entertainment news show

The Kardashian clan is full of annoying pseudo-celebrities. But, the matriarch is the one running the show and exploiting her family, including her teenage daughters.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Believe World

The teenybopper recently abandoned his pet monkey in another country, spat on fans and continually arrived late for shows, leaving fans waiting. And that’s not even mentioning his ridiculous wardrobe.

6. Lady Gaga


She’s a genuinely talented singer and performer, but her quest for attention never ends. Known for wearing elaborate costumes on stage, to award shows and even in her daily life, the pretty entertainer is almost unrecognizable in normal clothing.

7. Kristen Stewart


The Twilight star is constantly in the headlines thanks to her on-again-off-again relationship with Robert Pattinson. With the huge success of the vampire films, she should have something to smile about and a gorgeous wardrobe. Yet, she is always sour and unhappy looking while dressed in grungy clothing.

8. Amanda Bynes


Over the last year, Bynes’ story was reminiscent of Lindsey Lohan’s substance-fueled antics. The former teen star squandered her potential when she tossed a bong out of her window and set a fire in a stranger’s driveway before landing in rehab. Next stop for the former teen star is the courtroom to face charges in her bong-tossing escapade.

9. Sophia Vergara


When the Modern Family actress first caught the public eye, her Columbian accent, smoldering good looks and full curves made her a bit more interesting than the multitudes of thin, blonde starlets. But, as she has become more famous, the accent has gotten thicker, the bimbo act has been played up and the clothes have gotten tighter. She is no longer unique, she is a cliché.

10. Taylor Swift


The young singer/songwriter is undeniably talented, but after several years of appearances on every talk show and award show, she has gone from endearing to overexposed. She has also dated every eligible bachelor in the entertainment world, from John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhall, only to use the inevitable breakups as song-writing fuel.

11. Chris Brown


The rapper is more than just annoying. If his abusive relationship with Rihanna wasn’t bad enough, he remained arrogant and unapologetic in the fallout. To make matters worse, he now has a picture of a battered woman on his neck.

  • Paul Bonaldi


  • These people may be talented, although humbling themselves/ourselves can be a key to our dispositions. So, do some volunteer work with people or animals or what ever floats you boat give to other it could be just give a conversation, play sports, or just sitting and eating a meal with people at a soup kitchen will bring to back to reality.

  • She and her sister are very talent, we all are. I’m sure they will agree. If we had their mother’s drive we could have some sort of talent. I respect others and show whether I support them or not. Looser is a loose term for people They are real people although, they live the life of fantasy, which some of us dream of our whole life. Also, a majority of us don’t have or don’t want the life of a celebrity. They seem to be well with their fashion stores as oppose to their reality shows. This is invasive leaving living hard for the girls to keep their men in their lives. This is only my advise. I support them too.

  • Oh, she so funny. She probably fun to be around. She holds her ground in the celeb corner for me.
    Although, drug and drinking didn’t lead her to fame, a father image brought her here to this status. I understand by way of peer pressure or just sheer pressure this is what happens. She may think substances give her more fame? Anyway, sure, maybe more songs to sing too. Life without these substance are by far valuable to some of us. Now the trick is to become responsible and not in taking a drink or drug, in taking life and molding life to what your one focus is singing, dancing, acting, computers, or even a multi-tasker without the use of chemical, Don’t forget we are a chemical (chemistry 101)only we can kill ourselves by overdoses. It’s your Life..

  • We build them up, just to let them down? Come on, I see this young man works to hard for anyone to condemn. I believe maybe fame has gone to his head? Who are we to think his lifestyle would change from here at the height of his popularity in life. Annoying isn’t the word I say this young man is talented yes. Yet, people will always have a tinge of enviousness. For instance, marijuana in certain states is legal to for illnesses. Who are we to say fame isn’t an illness? Recreational no, before we go to bed maybe not a problem. Must I go on. Is this what annoys people getting what you need or want?