10 Stars Who Survived Almost-Fatal Accidents

January 27, 2014

Here’s a look at 10 celebrities who nearly died from an accident, whether it occurred on or off the job:

1. Gerard Butler


Many of the scenes in the 2012 film Chasing Mavericks were actually filmed out in the ocean. It was during one of these shoots when Butler was hit by a 20-foot wave and forced underwater, nearly drowning from the force of the wave.

2. Jason Statham


The Expendables 3 has yet to hit theaters, but star Jason Statham was nearly killed in a truck stunt gone wrong during filming of the movie. Statham was driving a truck, which was supposed to stop along the Black Sea to film a scene. However, the truck didn’t stop and crashed into the ocean. Statham, who was still inside the truck when it hit water, managed to escape unscathed.

3. Chevy Chase


Comedian Chevy Chase suffered a near-death experience when an electrical stunt went awry when filming a scene for the 1981 film Modern Problems. Chase was wearing strings of lights for a scene when they short circuited during the take, electrocuting him and causing him to lose consciousness.

4. Gary Busey


The Oscar-nominated actor had a near death experience in 1988 when he crashed his motorcycle and wasn’t wearing a helmet. After cracking his skull, he was rushed into emergency brain surgery, where he claims he was surrounded by white light and angels. Busey became a born-again Christian after the incident.

5. Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy was severely injured in a 2003 ATV accident when the vehicle landed on his chest and put him into an eight-day coma.

6. Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks didn’t just shed about 50 pounds to play the lead in Castaway, but he nearly died from blood poisoning while filming the movie. Hanks was cut on the leg filming a scene and the cut subsequently became infected, landing the actor in the hospital for three days and halting filming for three weeks.

7. Niki Taylor


Fifty surgeries, liver damage, a collapsed lung and lots of blood transfusions are what Taylor needed to survive a horrible 2001 car accident when the car she was riding in smashed into a utility pole. She was unconscious for six weeks following the accident.

8. Travis Barker


The Blink-182 drummer was one of only two survivors in a 2008 plane crash when the Learjet he was riding in didn’t take off properly because of underinflated tires. Barker suffered severe burns in the crash, but was able to escape the wreckage before the plane became engulfed in fire.

9. Erik Estrada


The CHiPS star was actually almost killed on the set of the show, when he was thrown from his bike, causing the 900-pound police motorcycle to fall on top of him and pin him down.

10. Sandra Bullock


On a trip home to visit family for the holidays, the plane Bullock was flying in skidded off the runway during landing and was ripped into two. Bullock left the scene completely unscathed.