10 Most Shocking Celeb Moments

January 27, 2014

1. Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV VMAs


Everyone tunes into the VMAs forg ood music, a good time and some truly great television. What they do not bank on, however, is Miley Cyrus twerking on a very married Robin Thicke. Cyrus appeared scantily clad and desperately looking to shake her wholesome Hannah Montana image.

Given that her nude appearance in the music video for Wrecking Ball had shocked fans not much earlier, it is safe to assume that her VMA antics were calculated to thrust her into the spotlight as a purely adult entertainer. We can only imagine that her father, country legend Billy Ray Cyrus, was shaking his head throughout the entire performance.

2. Cory Monteith’s Death


Everyone believed that the Glee star was destined for greatness and his untimely death was a shock to everyone. His lethal overdose of heroin and alcohol shook the nation and saddened millions. Many fans were surprised to learn that Monteith’s struggle with addiction was not new. His substance abuse problems began at age 12.

Monteith entered a drug rehabilitation program at age 19 following an intervention staged by his family. Although he publicly spoke about his past struggles, he sought rehabilitation again in March 2013. Despite his efforts to put his addictive behavior to rest, though, drugs ultimately cut this talented entertainer’s life short.

3. Angelina Jolie Double Mastectomy


Known as a sex symbol through her entire adult career, it was a horrible shock to the system when the sexy siren announced that she would undergo a double mastectomy after being found to have over an 80% chance of developing the disease that took her mother.

Despite complaining from detractors, Jolie used the incident as a springboard to raise awareness for breast cancer and genetic testing. Also, Jolie has not let the media attention focused on her medical decision to halt her career as an actress. She starred in the film Maleficent, a movie based on the story of Sleeping Beauty’s antagonist.

4. Reese Witherspoon Arrest


The world was shocked as this wholesome girl next door swore and cursed her way to an arrest. Thanks to the widespread availability of portable video recording, the incident was memorialized in digital form. In the video, Witherspoon was shown claiming that the police had no right to arrest her because of who she was.

Of course, the video found its way to the internet and was quickly distributed to viewers around the world via social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. The star later apologized for the incident; however, she will likely spend years living down her behavior before making a comeback as an actress.

5. Amanda Bynes Loses It


Everyone thought that this former child star had adapted well to fame, however, in 2013, Bynes underwent a total mental break and was placed under the conservatorship of her parents after being admitted for mental illness. After a lengthy legal struggle, her mother obtained conservatorship – shortly after, she was transferred to a facility outside of Los Angeles for treatment.

Bynes has stated that she has retired from acting. Instead of returning to the big screen, she has chosen to enroll in the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for the 2014 academic year. She has also consented to counseling related to a marijuana possession violation in New York City.

6.Simon Cowell to be a Father


No one ever thought that Cowell would be tied down by marriage, let alone have a child with a woman that no one even knew he was dating. The mogul has since decided to stand up and take responsibility for his child. News of Cowell’s impending fatherhood came shortly after Andrew Silverman filed for at-fault divorce from the child’s mother, Lauren Silverman, in New York City.

Although Cowell was slated as a witness in the Silvermans’ divorce proceedings, the divorce was eventually settled out of court. Cowell subsequently expressed optimism to the BBC about becoming a father, stating that things in his life were changing for the better.

7. Kimye


The power duo that is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, love them or hate them, took the world by storm in 2013 with the unexpected birth of daughter North West. The subsequent news of the couple’s engagement further cemented the pair’s position in the spotlight. Neither Kim nor Kanye are strangers to controversy.

Kanye has portrayed Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone and issued critical remarks regarding former president George W. Bush’s treatment of minorities. In late 2013, Kanye caused an uproar in the media when his commentary on President Obama’s ability to push public policy was construed as anti-Semitic. Kardashian, of course, has stirred plenty of controversy of her own, thanks to her appearance on the family’s reality show.

8. Paul Walker’s Death


This star was in his prime with the Fast and the Furious 7 in production. The star had suffered from death hoaxes on the internet just the week before when he was killed in a fatal car crash late in 2013. The circumstances of Walker’s death contributed heavily to the subsequent media fixation on his demise.

The curve where his vehicle lost control is a common spot for “drifting,” which was popularized by the Fast and the Furious franchise. Although Walker’s autopsy showed no signs of alcohol or drugs, experts believe that Walker may have been traveling in excess of 100 MPH at the time of the crash.

9. Justin Bieber Downward Spiral


No one ever thought that this young pop star could fall so quickly. However, this year Bieber has been involved in several cases of graffiti, starting a fight with a paparazzi and even being present while a member of his entourage assaulted his limo driver.

His behavior is certainly out of step with the easy-going, good-time vibe of his pop music hits. In 2014, Bieber was arrested for drag racing while intoxicated in Florida. His mug shot, in which his clueless, elated expression contrasted sharply with the seriousness of his offense, quickly found its way online and has been the subject of a variety of derogatory memes.

10. James Gandolfini Death


The death of this star was completely unexpected. Gandolfini died of a massive heart attack while on vacation in Rome with his 13 year old son. His son found him unconscious in his hotel room and summoned paramedics; however, he was pronounced dead shortly after reaching the hospital.

His work on The Sopranos made Gandolfini a household name. After news of his death reached the United States, New Jersey governor Chris Christie ordered that all state building flags were to fly at half-mast when his remains were returned from Rome.

Lori Fedrics, Gandolfini’s high school classmate, started a successful Internet petition to have Park Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Park Ridge, renamed “James Gandolfini Way.”