10 Lessons We Have Learned from the Mistakes of Lindsay Lohan

January 24, 2014

Lindsey Lohan,

1. Stay off of social media

If you don’t want people to know your personal life details, stay off of social media. Linsday Lohan just can’t keep her drama to herself. From her breakup with Samantha Ronson to her stints in rehab, LiLo is always giving fans status updates on Facebook and tweeting her latests thoughts on Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan arriving at Chakana

2. 7 Million dollars a film still won’t make you happy

If there was ever a better example of “money can’t buy happiness”, we haven’t found one. LiLo claims her problems started after the wild success of Mean Girls and her ability to start earning 7 million dollars a film. We agree with her. From a cute child star to one hot mess, LiLo has proven that money isn’t going to make you happy.


3. If you are going to be asked about your past on a national TV show, cancel last minute

Although producers of The View made it clear to LiLo that Barbara Walters was going to pry into her personal life and ask tough questions,Lohan didn’t cancel her interview until right before the show was going to tape. Instead, Lohan went on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and told him that although she loved Barbara Walters, it wasn’t the right time for her to appear on the show.

Lindsey Lohan

4. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

The first rehab stint didn’t work. The second one was a bust and the third didn’t rid Lohan of her problems with addiction. After six attempts at rehab, Lohan just might be on the road to recovery.

at Movieline's Hollywood Lifes 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, Henry Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA 05-01-05

5. Alcohol is just as hard to quit as cocaine

Lindsay is adamant that her drug of choice is alcohol, not cocaine, which is always reported. Alcohol will force you to make poor decisions and can land you in jail.


6. Grow up

There are times when Lohan claims she feels like an adult and other times she states she is still a kid. At 26, when all of your friends are settling into their careers and families, you are not a kid anymore.

LindseyLohan (1)

7. Don’t blame your parents

Although Lindsay has suggested quite a few times that she had very little guidance as she began her downfall into drugs and alcohol, today she says that she doesn’t blame her parents. Blaming your parents for your bad choices is only going to make you look like a fool.

Lindsey Lohan leaving ''Late Night with David Letterman''

8. Even if you get jail time, it won’t last long if you are famous

Even though Lohan was given a 90-day sentence after she repeatedly violated her probation, the sobbing star spent only two weeks incacerated due to jail overcrowding. Two weeks was not enough time for Lohan to sober up and think about all of her mistakes.


9. Stop talking about getting your life on track and just do it

We loved Lohan as a young actress and her fans want to see her back on the big screen. She keeps promising that she is getting back on track, that she feels more spiritual and centered. Instead of all of these feel good statements, she should just do it.


10. Being a lesbian doesn’t make life any easier

Sick of problems with the men she was dating, Lohan began dating Samantha Ronson and soon their tumultuous relationship was all over the media. It doesn’t matter who you are with. If you are an addict when you are straight, you will be an addict if you become a lesbian too.