10 Facts About Alison Sweeney You Won’t Believe are True

January 27, 2014

1. Her accomplishments aren’t just on the screen

Alison Sweeney 1

Allison is a published fiction author. Her novel The Star Attraction was inspired by her work as a soap opera star.She said that storylines did not always go the way she expected and that the novel was her opportunity to exercise her own creativity.

2. Her career on Days could take itself out for a beer

She has spent more than half her life as a contracted player on Days of Our Lives. She started as Sami in 1993.We’ve seen plenty of ups and downs for Sami in the past 21 years.

3. Yarr!

She was born on September 19th, also known as “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Do you think that she has pirate-themed parties?Maybe we’ll find out if her reality show Hollywood Girls Night returns.

4. It’s a Date!

Alison Sweeney 4

She took hottie co-star Bryan Dattilo (also known as Lucas Horton to Days fans) to her senior prom.

5. Spooky Stuff

She played two different characters on Tales from the Darkside in 1983. Both were named Karen.One was about a girl who could sense when people were going to die. The other episode (where she appeared uncredited) was about an alien who came to Earth to study human behavior.

6. No Plump Pooches

Many people know that Alison helps people achieve their weight-loss goals on The Biggest Loser.What some don’t know is that she’s an animal obesity advocate, as well. She has partnered with Hill’s Science Diet to spread the word on the dangers of pet obesity.

7. Achoo!

Alison Sweeney 7

She’s a lifelong allergy sufferer, but it hasn’t stopped this animal lover from having several pets. She’s spoken publicly about helping her beloved dog Winky lose excess and unhealthy weight.

8. She Wears Many Hats

This star is multi-talented. Not only is she a great actress, she’s also tried her hand at directing. Alison directed two episodes of Days of Our Lives back in 2011.

9. Like, Amazing

She said that her most annoying trait is that she sounds like a Valley Girl when she talks. She told TV Guide “I say ‘like’ a lot, and it annoys me because people point it out to me. I am a 35-year-old woman; I should not say ‘like’ as often as I do.But it keeps you young.”

10. It’s Time to Say Goodbye

She’s leaving Days of Our Lives. Alison made the announcement the other day on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.She says that she wants to take some time to stay home with her children, who are now aged five and nine. She’ll be leaving the show by the end of the season.For some viewers, she’s been a regular cast member for as long as they’ve watched Days, so, she’s sure to be missed.