10 Celebs Whose Extreme Diets Almost Killed Them

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Both male and female celebrities are under constant pressure to look a certain way, and even a slight gain in weight can cause someone to be hit with severe backlash from the media.

This has led many stars to turn to rigorous diet and exercise programs in order to achieve a certain look. Unfortunately, the diets that some celebrities have chosen to make it in Hollywood have been so extreme that they almost lost their lives.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan went through a scary eating disorder in 2006 in which she lost a frightening amount of weight.

Her appetite and cycle of binging and purging were classic signs of bulimia.

An insider stated that it was not uncommon for Lindsay to order five pieces of chocolate cake to eat in private, and despite this huge amount of calories, her frame continued to shrink.

Family and friends became especially concerned when she appeared on “Saturday Night Live” looking frail and emaciated.

In 2006, Lindsay came clean about her struggles with an eating disorder in an issue of “Vanity Fair.” The star admitted that she was sick and had people sit her down to tell her that they were afraid that she would die if she didn’t take care of herself.

One of those interventions came from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who had worked with Lindsay in “Mean Girls.”

After an asthma attack left her hospitalized, the two women let Lindsay known that they had witnessed the destructive ways of Chris Farley and John Belushi, and they explained their fears that Lindsay was on the same path. Although Lindsay has continued to have legal and personal troubles since then, she definitely appears to be at a healthier weight.

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